TOPAK TE350B Servo Horizontal Form-Fill Seal Packing Machine

【Standard Features】

  • 4 servo motor control: easy operation, easy maintenance, low noise level, stable operation.
  • New cantilevered frame design makes maintenance easy, allowing product crumbs to fall through the machine.
  • Standard hygienic stainless steel cover.
  • User friendly rotatable touch panel with multilingual support, simple operation setting.
  • New controller has expansibility such as integration with various optional devices and automated feeders.
  • BOX MOTION type end seal makes packaging bags stronger sealing and tighter.
  • Optional PACKLESS function prevents empty bags, conserve packing film.
  • Optional CUTLESS function prevents product jams at end sealer.
  • Optional Auto film splicer reduces machine downtime.

【Standard Specifications】

Model TE350B TE350B Wide Type
Packaging Speed 15~120 p/m 15~100 p/m
Film Roll Width Max. 430mm Max. 600mm
Diameter Max. 300mm Max. 300mm
Weight Max. 25Kg Max. 25Kg
Cut Off Length 80-340mm 90-430mm
Product Dimensions Width Max. 120mm Max. 200mm
Height Max. 100mm Max. 100mm
Motor AC Servo 1.5KW(For ALL) 1.5KW(For ALL)
Frequency Control 0.5KW 0.5KW
Heater Power Supply 2KW 2KW
Machine Weight 1000 kg(Approx) 1100 kg(Approx)