SYSTEM-SQUARE SX2088W Type Small Size X-Ray Inspection System

【Standard Features】

  • SX2088W type X-Ray inspection is able for the product with aluminum film, etc.
  • Small size, space saving. On the premise of maintaining high precision, the low-power operation mode is adopted to greatly extend the life of the X-ray emitter and save costs.
  • While detecting foreign objects, it can also perform shape detection and weight detection. Missing parts or damaged shapes in the packaging can be effectively detected.

【Standard Specifications】

Model sx2088w
Detected Product Size ※1 190mm x H100mm
Transfer Weight 5kg ※2
Belt Speed 15 ~ 45m/min ※3
Belt Width 220mm(without Meandering-less Function) (with Meandering-less Function)
Detectable Material Iron, stainless-steel ball φ0.3mm, stone, glass, bone, high-density plastic, etc. ※4
Display Unit 12.1 inches-wide TFT Color LCD (with Touch Panel)
Structure Main frame /base: all stainless steel(SUS304)
Conveyor: waterproof(complies with IP66)
Pass Line 750±30mm
Max. X-Ray Output Tube voltage(Max.): 40kv, tube current: 1.5 mA(60W)
Operating Environment Temperature 0 to 37℃, humidity 30 to 85%, no dew condensation allowed( It is necessary to clean the filter periodically.)
Safety Level X-Ray leak rate is less than 1μSv/h.
Device Weight 80kg
Main Power Supply AC100V±10%/AC200V±10% 550VA 50/60Hz ※5

D: Non-Waterproof/ W: Waterproof(Stainless Steel Specification)
1 Please refer to the detectable range.
2 For the 10kg product, please contact us.
3 For the other belt speed, please contact us.
4 Detection capacity sometimes varies depending on the product and usage environment.
5 When using the air conditioner, the power consumption is different.
※ Detection sensitivity varies depending on the product and usage environment.
※ Depending on the length of the inspected product, it is sometimes necessary to install
covers at the entrance and exit to prevent X-ray leakage.