【Standard Features】

【Touch Screen】
8.5 inch Chinese touch screen color display provides a user-friendly interface for simple, easy command and data input.
【Servo Motor Film Feeding】
Servo motor driving system with dual vacuum feeding belts enhances feeding stability and enables the machine to handle a wide range of film materials.
【Simple Maintenance】
Transparent cover allows operator to easily monitor machine’s internal operation.
【Suitable for Forming Larger Packages】
Pneumatic film roller adjusts to the film delivery device, ensuring a more reliable film feeding process

【Standard Specifications】

Model Number


Bag Size Range

70-220mm(W) 100-350mm(L)

Packaging Speed

100 bags/min

Machine Weight

500kg (Approx.)

Film Material

Various laminated films

Optional Attachments

Printer, gusset, Nitrogen gas filling device, extra-wide end sealer, perforated bag-hanging function, heavy-load support device, and more


Three Phase 380V, 50HZ, 6KW (External transformer)

Compressed Air

150 liter/min, 0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm2)