TOPAK COSMO C150 High-Speed Continuous Horizontal Cartoning Machine

【Standard Features】

  • German design, China manufacture.
  • With 9 servo motor control and modular system design, it has the flexibility to add additional assembly groups or peripheric devices.
  • Different closure formats available.
  • Max. speed 250 cartons/min.
  • Quick, easy and reproducible format change.
  • Cantilevered construction offers easy access for cleaning and maintenance to all sections of the machine.
  • User friendly touch panel with simple operation setting.

【Standard Specifications】

Model COSMO C150
Carton Dimension 25-150mm (Width) 15-100mm (Height) 55-230mm (Height)
Speed Max. 250 cartons/min
Closure Method Tuck-in Closure, Hot Melt Closure, Tamper Evident Closure, Special Closure
Optional Attachments Instruction Sheet Folding and Feeding System
Fully Automatic Product Infeed System
Operation Data Recording
Customized Design Options and Special Equipment
Power Supply 3 phases 380V, 50Hz, 30A/50A
Compressed Air 0.6Mpa
Machine Weight 2700kg(Approx)