Horizontal Flow Wrappers

In general, horizontal flow wrapper machines used for
various solid products, and using the roll film for cutting
and making bags, including the daily necessities, medical supplies,
instant noodles, bread, pastry, biscuits, single-pack candies,
chocolates, solid frozen foods, fresh vegetables, and fast food
products, etc. The horizontal flow wrapper machine can be
connected with the aligning device and the inspection device.
There are 5 types of machine for standard, wide, high-speed,
back-seal, and shrinking film. According to your products,
we can provide various packaging options.


Mechanical Type
Rotary End Seal


Mechanical Type
Rotary End Seal


Mechanical Type
Box Motion End Seal


Mechanical Type
Back Seal Type
Box Motion End Seal


Mechanical Type
Shrinking Film Type only

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