Topak TT2001A Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Wrapper

【Standard Features 】

Touch Screen
The control panel is a touch screen LCD display; you can simply touch the selections on the LCD display to input commands. With this friendly interface, you can manage all operations, manufacturing and data entry without difficulty and enjoy the convenience of an on-board maintenance manual and troubleshooting guide
Low Malfunction Rate
The TT2001A minimized tracking problems and offers better feeding quality through an innovative design with non-tension rollers
Compact Design
Single film-feeder increases high efficiency and reduces the chance of parts wearing out
High Durability and Low Maintenance
Machine parts are designed for easy replacement, and cleaning requirements are reduced through the use of lubricant-free system
Increased Belt Life Time, and Reduce Maintenance Requirement
Servo driving system provides better performance than traditional mechanical driving system

【Standard Specification】

Model Number


Bagging Speed

70 packs/min

Film Material


Feeding System

Volumetric turning table(Cup)
Bucket Elevator