TOPAK TE341/MS High-Speed Shrink Film Wrapper

【Standard Features】

  • Based on te341 high speed wrapper, te341mII/MS is specially built for shrink film packaging.
  • Melt-cut-seal is adopted for end sealers, which ensures strong sealing.
  • Transitional conveyor belt and chain mechanism suitable for transporting heavy products.
  • Unique Regi-mark tracking system for color film packaging.
  • Optional melt-cut center seal, seal trimming, and film scrap collector available.
  • High speed shrink tunnel and adjustable heat flow system ensures shrink quality.

【Standard Specifications】

End Seal Diameter RD195
Operation Speed 25~150p/m
Cut-off Length 155~600mm
Film Width (max) 600mm
Film Diameter (max) 300mm
Product Specification (max) width 200mm
height 115mm
Motor Main 1kw
Shrink Tunnel 1.5kw
Heater Main 2.5kw
Shrink Tunnel 24kw
Machine Dimension Main 3880*1055*1570mm
Shrink Tunnel 2700*550*1300mm
Machine Weight Main Approx.1100kg
Shrink Tunnel Approx.700 kg