SQUARE SD3-45 Type Medium Size Metal Detectors

【Standard Features】

  • Small size frame, high-precision, stable performance, it is able to detect the small product.
  • Easy operation, simple and easy to use.
  • The operation interface can be switched between Chinese, English and Japanese language according to needs.

【Standard Specifications】

Model SD3 4508D/W SD3 4510D/W SD3 4512D/W SD3 4515D/W SD3 4518D/W
Maximum passage width 450mm
Maximum passage height 80mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 180mm
Detection sensitivity FE φ0.45mm φ0.5mm φ0.55mm φ0.6mm φ0.7mm
SUS304 φ0.8mm φ0.9mm φ1.0mm φ1.1mm φ1.2mm
Conveyor speed 24m/min (50Hz)
Conveyor size 800mm (length)×350mm (belt width)
Upon detection of metal Belt stopped, buzzer warning or automatic sorting (option)
Weight capacity 3kg
Main power supply AC100V±10%、50/60Hz、200VA
Weight(kg) 107 108 109 112 115

D: Non-Waterproof/ W: Waterproof (with Full Stainless Steel Specification)

※The detection sensitivity represent the values when only a test sample is transferred on the belt.

(Detection sensitivity sometimes varies depending on the product and/or usage environment.)