SYSTEM-SQUARE Drop Type Metal Detectors

【Standard Features】

  • For inspection of rice, wheat flour and plastic granules product, etc.
  • For inspection of free-falling product. Integrate detection and automatic-sorting functions.

【Standard Specifications】

Model SD3P-100CD/W-DF1710 SD3P-3008D/W-Y-DF3010
Maximum passage width φ87mm 82×282mm
Detection sensitivity Fe φ0.4mm φ0.5mm
SUS304 φ0.7mm φ1.0mm
Sorting method Integrated damper-type sorter
Main power supply AC200V±10%、50/60Hz、120VA
Air supply source 0.5~0.7MPa
Amount of processing (Reference value) Minute powder 2t/h
Soybean 4t/h
Minute powder 6t/h
Soybean 12t/h
Weight(kg) 99 170

Non-Waterproof/ W: Waterproof (with Full Stainless Steel Specification)

※Do not allow the product to hit the inside of the passage. Detection sensitivity sometimes varies depending on the product and usage environment. Specifications may change without prior notice.