Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Horizontal flow wrapping machines are generally used for
solid products by using roll film to cut and form bags.
The applications include the daily necessities,
pharmaceutical supplies, instant noodles, bread, confectionary,
biscuits, candies, chocolates, solid frozen foods,
fresh vegetables, and fast food products, etc.
The horizontal flow wrapping machine can be connected
with the automated sorting and distributing device
and inspection devices.
There are differnt types of models, such as standard type,
wide type, high-speed model, back-seal type, etc.
We can provide the most suitable model based on your products.


Servo Drive
Wide Box Motion End Seal


Servo Drive
Belt Type Conveyor
Box Motion End Seal


Servo Drive
Rotary End Seal /
Box Motion End Seal
Lug Chain/ Belt


Servo Drive
Rotary End Seal


Servo Drive
Rotary End Seal /
Box Motion End Seal
Lug Chain / Belt

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